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To mark its 30th anniversary, Palexpo adopts a new visual identity Back to list
At the festivities to mark Palexpo’s 30th anniversary on Thursday, November 17, in connection with the “Automnales – your autumn Fair in Geneva”, Palexpo’s new visual identity was unveiled to the public.
Created in cooperation with the agency M & C SAATCHI (Geneva), Palexpo’s new visual identity was unveiled on November 17 by Claude Membrez, General Manager of Palexpo SA. He stated: “The brand and the typography form a whole, the different elements can be reproduced on all conceivable media. In a spirit of dynamism and modernity. The signature also plays on the human element and emotion: Living Space”.

The signage on the building and the web site was changed to this identity the same day at 7.00 p.m. All the media have been updated so as to be in conformity as of November 18.

This is how the creators M & C SAATCHI describe this new logo:

“4 basic modules are assembled. Each is a colour derived from red, and together these 4 modules form a sign that symbolizes the meeting point.
When they are all in black, these 4 modules together form each of the letters of the word palexpo, thus creating a clean typography, always in small letters to suggest closeness.”

As for the signature, “Living space”: “These two words fully embody palexpo’s daily reality and its collective ambition: to bring alive the halls, rooms and multiple, convertible and modular spaces to permanently host events and worlds that are all very different from each other”.